updated: 06/16/2019
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about me

hi there. I like oversharing. Now I have a (mostly) valid reason to.
tl;dr I'm a big dumb nerd


My favourite colour is slate blue, my favourite animal is the bunny, and my favourite numbers are all the possible values of 2x.

I've been in college for a while. At first, I was doing computer science, but I switched majors to nursing. I have a major hard-on for biology, especially histology and a&p. I can alsotutor that stuff so hmu if you need it.

Outside of that, I really like coding. Torquescript was my first language, and I really enjoy C#.

I make (but never finish) maps in Source and have around three thousand hours in Hammer. My maps tend to be heavily industrial/combine-like with a sandbox feel because HL1, HL2, and gmod are my inspirations.

I like writing and world building. Structured writing is something I've only started recently, but RP is something I've done for eight+ years.

I've made shitty little games in Torque game engine with a d00d named Gizmo who I met on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Hypothetically speaking, if I were to make any more games like those, I would use a different alias. Other games and projects of mine will be found here, however.

I also really like shooters, sandboxes, and co-op games. I grew up on Quake, Halo:CE's multiplayer, Enemy Territory games, and 2002's Blockland (which I still play sometimes). You'll see me play TF2 and Mabinogi a lot, followed by gmod, Starbound, L4D2, osrs, and Minecraft/Tekkit.


I'm actually not sure the point of this section because I don't usually publicly link a lot of my aliases. That's how shit gets cached and archived on the Internet forever. When I get around to making profiles that aren't stalkable, I'll add more. For now, sorry, ask me for my handles instead. :(

Twitter: @Schuylerpl0x
Main FA: ~Bludii
Mabinogi: Bludii (Alexina)


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